Alcohol is an intoxicating substance made from fermented starches, and although it gives you an initial lift, it is actually a depressant drug. It slows down responses, affecting coordination and the way the brain works, affecting judgement, so it makes people clumsy and dopey. It’s one of the most widely used drugs, above and below the legal age limit

The alcohol effect

Drinking alcohol makes people;

  • Feel like they’re having more fun
  • Feel confident
  • Feel relaxed and calms their nerves
  • Feel able to open up and talk more
  • Let go and lose their inhibitions
  • Feel they fit socially
  • Feel really happy and laugh more
  • Think they have the courage to overcome their fears.

The downside

Drinking too much alcohol always has horrible effects.

  • Drinking can make you aggressive and violent. You’re more likely to start arguments and pick fights.
  • You become uncoordinated and clumsy.
  • Too much alcohol gives double vision and slurred speech.
  • Drinking when you’re down can make you feel even more depressed.
  • Alcohol is loaded with calories. It can make you fat and it’s bad for the skin.
  • A bad hangover makes you feel really fragile. Your head pounds and you have an upset stomach.
  • Alcohol can damage a man’s fertility and potency.


Alcohol is responsible for many, many deaths than hard drugs.