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Affordable housing proves life-changing, but poses unexpected risks for women

South Africa is known around the world for its significant housing pro- gramme, and India has made substantial efforts to develop its cities. Providing free or affordable housing brings obvious benefits to residents who have lived in desperately poor conditions with no water, electricity or sanitation, in precarious informal structures. But research in these two con- texts has found that ...

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Subtle abuse affects women during childbirth

Stripping women of dignity and respect during child- birth is not only a viola- tion of human rights. It also affects the health of women and babies. It’s time to recognise the urgency of the problem and com- mit to giving women the care they deserve. A growing body of research shows that while some women expe- rience physical and ...

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Southern africa needs better health care for women and girls on the move

Women are on the move throughout southern Africa. they  move  with- in the countries they were born in, or cross borders in the region. Although more men than women migrate the data shows that the number of women migrat- ing within the southern African Development Community region is  rising. the  percentage  of  female migrants moving within southern Africa increased from ...

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Differences between men and women are more than the sum of their genes

By Jenny Graves Distinguished Professor of Genetics, La Trobe University   It’s naive to pretend there are no profound genetic and epigenetic differences between the sexes. Gender differences and sexual preferences are frequently a point of conversation. What produces the differences between men and women? Are they trivial or profound? Are they genetic or environmental, or both?   Some people ...

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