Shopping is fun. But sometimes shopping can eat into your budget and add to clutter. Read on to find how to be a smart shopper?

Whenever Rehema goes to a shopping mall she ends up buying more than what she required. At the end of the month she realizes that she had bought so many things she had not even touched and would not do so for a very long time either. She wonders why she always ended up buying things she did not need. The answer to her problem came out of casual discussion with a close friend. She suggested that she should simply make a list of what she really needed and buy nothing more. So the next time before Rehema stepped into a mall prepared to prevent splurging. If you also face a similar problem and want to be a sensible shopper then read on to transform yourself from a shopaholic to a smart shopper.


Malls are a rage. As soon as you step into one the music, the ambience and the space transcend you into a different world. You suddenly feel so welcome and important. Who would not enjoy buying things in a feel good mall than buying from the local supermarket or grocery stores? Shopping in a mall is an experience in itself for many. The big carts provide you a big space to dump in more than you need. Your hands are free and you simply move around and dropping things in your cart. There is a salesperson at your beck and call to make you feel like a king or queen. There is so much to shop; you keep wishing that you had more credit cards.


There is so much available in a mall that you are confused about where to enter and what to buy. Sometimes the offer may be so tempting that you just cannot stop yourself from buying yourself one. Every tall shelf stacked with a variety of products beckons you like a nymph in fantasy land. You may have a huge collection of make-up but you pick up just one more lipstick as a gift for yourself. There you are another one to add in your already large collection. Phew!

When you should say ‘No’ to Shopping

You return home from a wild shopping trip at the new mall and are so excited with the all the shopping bags you have around you, that you almost feel it is Christmas. You bought an expensive party dress and are now waiting for the right occasion to wear it. You visualize yourself looking like a million bucks. But do you realize that you have bought an expensive designer dress when there was really no occasion? It is in these very moments that you must stop to shop and not given into the excuse of just this time.

Top five ways to get real while shopping in a Mall

It is very important to be realistic while you shop, especially, when you are buying clothes or cosmetics. Buying things simply because you like them placed over the shelf can hurt your budget. There are some simple ways to fight the addiction to shopping.

  1. Make lists

It is always helpful to make a list. You will never forget things that you need and save second rounds of shopping. Making a list also makes it clear that the things on your list are the ones you really need.

  1. Resist temptations

If at all you end up liking something beyond your list, do not buy it. Move away from it and think if you really need it and how much would you use it if you did buy it. Stay away from words like free, discounts, sales and off. They are the biggest crowd pullers.

  1. Manage Space

Where would you park your car if you did not have parking space? The same logic applies to your house. Where would you store things in cupboards and cabinets already overflowing with stuff? Always think of the space you can afford, before you buy anything. You can lessen clutter by avoiding unnecessary shopping and stop

  1. Carry limited amount of cash

Avoid paying by your debit or credit card. Paying by cash shows you how much money are you blowing up. So keep those power cards way to avoid debt and over expenditure. Carry extra money for conveyance and be smart.

  1. Avoid freebies

Buying things because there is another one free is a sure trap to buy something that you do not need. It will definitely eat up space at home waste. Try to stay away the word, sale. Do not get carried away with discounts. Even if it is discounted you are surely paying a high amount. Ever wondered how retailers make profit?

  1. Shopping is forever

Remember there will always be something you have to buy till the time you live. Human needs are never over. Even if you are a hermit you need food and water. Whenever you shop for whatever, it is helpful to find exactly what your need is. Before you drop anything in your shopping cart, ask yourself, ‘why do I need this’? Once you get the answer to this basic question shopping will be much simpler. You can save some extra bucks and as the saying goes, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’. You bills will be shorter and wallets, heavier. So begin to be a smart shopper today.