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Lasting Impressions

Romantic men are weak men. That’s crap! Romantic men are happy men. They turn out to attract most ladies. The more you turn up the romance in your relationship, the more you make a lasting impression to her. HM has compiled for you tips on how to make that amazing impression on her with real testimonials from Kenyan ladies.

  1. Make her something

Write her a poem or a song, draw her a picture or a card, frame a photo that you took of the two of you together, cook her a special dinner with all of her favourite dishes; whatever it is, if you use your hands, she will melt.

“I would love, love, love to have something creative done for me… whether it is a poem or a song or a painted picture, it shows time and effort and emotion, and it doesn’t have to cost a thing!”– Sarah Kibuki

“My most romantic gift ever, was an ipod personalized with his nickname for me. It was filled with songs that meant something to us. Anytime, anywhere I can put those buds in my ears and be romanticized. Sigh.” –Kate Karimi

  1. Demonstrate

Show that you think about her when she is not around. This can be demonstrated in the most minor of ways.

“I love it when my boyfriend sends me links to stories that he knows will interest me — especially when they’re about topics that don’t interest him. For example, he once sent me a link to an article about my favourite TV series. It felt really good. – Lydia Kambe

“I love getting those random ‘I love you’ or ‘Hi gorgeous’ texts. They make me smile so hard. One day a few months ago, I noticed he had changed the wallpaper on his phone to a picture of me. This may seem minor, but usually his wallpaper is a picture of a car. He LOVES cars. So when I saw he had changed the picture to one of me I felt truly special.” Joyce Wangai

  1. Be supportive

A romantic/sexual connection is awesome and important, but being sincerely interested in who your partner is as an autonomous human being is essential to making a relationship last. Sure, it feels good knowing your partner thinks you’re hot, but doesn’t it feel even better when they make it clear they think you’re smart and fascinating?

“I like how when I tell him about some new thing I’m interested in, he’s all like ‘I think you should do it.’” Caroline Meja

  1. Clean up

Oh,guys. Doing the dishes – so simple, so meaningful, so sexy.

“I would be ecstatic and feel so loved if he noticed that things in our home are dirty and cleaned them thoroughly on his own because the state of our home is that important to him. – Diana Akumu

“The fact that, when I’m super tired after preparing dinner, sometimes I’ll come back downstairs to straighten up the kitchen/put the leftovers away, he’s already beat me to it. That’s a winner every time.” Helene Mueni

  1. Introduction

Our parents bring out the best and worst in us – wanting her to experience that dynamic in the flesh shows trust and vulnerability and that is romantic.

“My boyfriend of a year and a half recently suggested that my parents and his parents meet sometime soon. It struck me as such a sign of love and commitment that he would want his family to get to know mine. That was the most romantic thing.”– Grace Gakenia

  1. Take care of her

Ladies, are not some kind of delicate flowers that need to be handled with kid gloves. But it sure is nice to nurture her sometimes.

“After work one day my car broke down before I left the office. He offered to come pick me up despite the fact that we work at two totally opposite locations. The fact that he came all the way to get me home without having to ask, struck me as the sweetest thing ever!” Sara Livondo

“When I was sick at home, he went out and got me a supply of chicken soup, vitamin C, tons of oranges and herbal tea. And it was just a cold. I really like the little every day things like that. When I mention something i like, he will one day surprise me with it! So sweet. – Anita Wachira


  1. Surprise her!

Seriously, it doesn’t need to be a trip to Tahiti – this isn’t about spending lots of money or putting hours into planning something flashy. It’s about being struck with the sudden desire to make her feel special in a way that you know would resonate with her. That is priceless.

“Last holidays, my boyfriend woke me up around 11pm and made me get dressed while I grumbled incoherently. He drove us to a beach hotel which he had earlier booked and there my favourite Swahili band was performing for the night. That will forever be etched on my heart! – Mercy Nkatha

Try these seven tips and you will reconnect with your childlike characteristics, which include creativity, spontaneity, and love of fun. Sometimes the day-to-day grind of adulthood stresses the creativity and fun out of life. Don’t allow life to beat you down. Take a few minutes to remember what you were like as a child. Constant curiosity, fun-loving, ready for anything, and creative. You can still be that way as an adult. Those kinds of traits make you infinitely more interesting to a woman…and to everyone else.