This is officially the season of throwing parties! A re you planning to host your friends or family for an epic party? Or even get-together? It’s a good idea to prepare a checklist so there’s no cause for last minute panic when you suddenly remember something crucial is missing. Here are a few points to bear in mind.


Even if you are having your party catered from outside, it is always a good idea to arrange for your own drinks/alcohol. If you are having few close and special people over, you can always use your best bottles. But if you are throwing a large party, save your expensive and delicious wines for another day, and invest in a few regular bottles available at your local store. If you buy in bulk, always remember to ask for a discount. Arrange for your alcohol earlier, as you may be able to get it at a good price if you ask around. This will enable you can save quite a bit if you plan to buy a large quantity.


Will you be making the food at home, or will you be getting it catered? If you are getting it catered you need to book well in advance to make sure you get the caterer of your choice on the date you require. Also, you will need to select the dishes, go for a tasting and so on. If you plan to make the food at home, the first thing you need to do is prepare a menu. Make a list of the ingredients required and then run a quick check at home to see what you have and what you require. Vegetables will need to be purchased, but other ingredients like baking soda, cocoa, sauces etc. may be lying at home. You don’t want to reach the store and then start wondering if you have a particular ingredient at home. Plan to make just one trip to your neighborhood supermarket, and try and be as organized as possible.


You will naturally want your home to look beautiful on the day of the party, but needless to say, there’s no point in getting out and purchasing new furniture or paintings! Make good use of flowers and candles. Place a large bowl on the main table and on the centre table and fill it up with water, petals and floating candles. Even a single large floating candle looks pretty in a bowl. Place fresh flowers in any empty vases you may have. Make sure all your candle stands have candles in them, and light all candles for the party.


Don’t forget the toilet! Make sure it is spic and span. Wash soap dishes, the sink and of course, the pot. Scrub tiles a few days before the party, when you have more time. The morning of the party, place a number of small towel napkins in a little basket by the sink or hang a number of little towels from the rod. Place a little laundry basket on the floor, so people can use towels and throw them for wash. Give your bathroom a decorative touch by placing a few fresh flowers in a vase, and lighting a scented candle next to the vase. If you have a ventilator fan, then make sure it is switched on for the duration of the party so no one stinks up the bathroom!





Always make a checklist of your own requirements as soon as you start planning the party. Keep adding to the checklist as certain things come to your mind. A well planned party is a great party!