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Margaret Ireri

Margaret (Maggie) Ireri is an award-winning market researcher pro- fessional, recognized for her contribution to the development of research methodologies for Africa, by respected regional research bodies such as Pan Africa Media Research Organization (PAMRO) and Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA).
She is the Founder and CEO of TIFA Research, a Kenyan research agency that leverages on technology to meet clients’ needs faster and efficiently.
Maggie, as she is affectionate- ly known to her close friends, has over 15 years multi-sectoral research experience and works closely with client to transform the research data to insights and then into action. Research and insights are in her DNA – she has traversed across the continent interviewing, observ- ing and understanding consum- ers, trips that have benefitted from her multi- sectorial experience in media, education, health, telecom- munications, manufacturing, and banking sectors in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Somalia and Nigeria.
Maggie’s experience in inter- national business management has involved with time and include setting up full country offices and new business divisions in various coun- tries including Nigeria, Zambia and Rwanda.
Maggie’s career journey started in market research in 1998, when she joined a leading market research company as a trainee in their Kenya branch office. She had just graduated with a degree that was considered to have a dead-end in the job market then and as result was look- ing for a career break. Within three months, she realized that she needed to do something radical to propel her career forward.
In a record six months of her stay, a new position opened up for the research manager at the Uganda office. She applied for the job and was initially sent there on a temporary contract to hold brief as the company recruited a more expe- rienced manager. Keen to get the best out of this temporary posting, she burned the midnight oil – work- ing long hours (from 5 am to 9 pm daily). Within two months, she had achieved much more than the management had expected. The company held off the recruitment process, with Maggie being confirmed to the role in recognition of her hard work. The business revenue under her watch grew by over 100% in the first year, and over 30% for the subse- quent three years. Three years later, she was appointed Country Manager of the Uganda business at the young age of 29.
Having worked in Uganda for five years, outgrowing the role and the Ugandan job market, Maggie took up a new position as the Business Development Director for Pan-Africa. Her primary role was overseeing several country offices in Africa, working with the respec- tive country managers to ensure sustainable revenue streams.
In this role, she set up coun- try offices and additional business divisions. The company was even- tually acquired by a global com- pany, with Maggie as the lead inte- gration manager, a process that she completed within 12months. In 2011, she took up the role

of Managing Director of the Kenya offices, which was one of the most extensive operations in Sub-Saharan Africa with a staff size of over 250.
This role exposed Maggie to more complex operations, interna- tional clientele, corporate affairs and media relations. Some of her achieve- ments during her four-year tenure included; business revenue growth (of over 15% per annum), launch of innovative products, organization culture transformation to a more corporate entrepreneurial ethos and also corporate brand building.
In 2015, she set up TIFA Research, her own, with all the skills she had acquired over the years and from those many countries. In the last four and half years, Maggie has built the TIFA corporate brand and an enviable client base.
Informally, Maggie acts as an adviser to a number of Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) in Kenya.