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Jeep Grand Cherokees Recalled

A number of current-generation Jeep Grand Cherokees were recalled this week over a potential issue with the fuel pump relay.

The recall campaign affects 14,527 Grand Cherokees — 2011 model-year diesel versions, and 2012-13 petrol models.

The issue is down to the potential for a failure in the fuel pump relay within the Totally Integrated Power Module – 7 (TIPM-7), electronic control unit. Should this occur, the car may fail to start, or may stall abruptly.

This recall campaign is the 13th Grand Cherokee recall instigated over the past 13 months — making the Jeep one of, perhaps the, most recalled vehicles on sale.

Of these 13 recalls, seven affect the current-generation model that has been on sale since early 2011. The rest affect preceding versions, going as far back as a build year of 1993.

The reasons for these recalls include potential problems with the fuel pump relay, the key, rear turning lights, brake booster, fuel tank, vanity lights and the adaptive cruise control. A number of modules have also been potential issues, including those linked to the airbags and steering.

On a number of these occasions, the issues were deemed low-risk, and thereby could be fixed at the vehicles’ next scheduled service.

While the recall count is high, it is important to consider the variability of what can constitute a decision to enact a recall. Recent concerns over various brand recalls in the US — such as GM’s well-known issues of late — could reasonably have American brands on particular alert.

Decision makers at Jeep have stated that the recall campaigns were a mixture of safety related, but sometimes also simpler software updates. It was further stated that the Grand Cherokee has about 23 computers in it and just like mobile software it needs to be updated. The said that they take safety really seriously, and as soon as anything is identified in the US it’s important for them to notify their buyers both locally and internationally immediately; before incidences occur.”

Regular recalls can be taken two ways, depending on your viewpoint, it could be argued. Either it’s a sign that a car has too many issues, or a sign that the car-maker is hyper-aware of small problems and keen to fix them, no matter the risk.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the second most popular large SUV in the sales charts this year, with 3339 registrations, placing it behind only the Toyota Prado (3411) despite a 19 per cent drop. In 2014, the Jeep topped the table with 16,582 units registered.