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Importance of regular vehicle servicing

Regular maintenance is necessary whether you drive a brand-new car or an older one. Many of us use our cars daily but can be guilty of putting the car service on the hold. However, having it serviced could be the difference between a minor repair job and an expensive overhaul down the line. It is therefore recommended that you have a professional service every 5,000 kilometres, which may consist of a simple oil change or could involve a full-service check of the vehicle including safety checks.

The most vital part of a car service is to have your oil changed. If you don’t regularly change your oil, sludge may build up preventing adequate engine lubrication. This could result in engine failure and an expensive repair. Having a regular service will help you avoid this problem and save you money in the end.

Although you should schedule to have your car serviced regularly, there are times when it’s particularly important. For example, if you’re about to embark on a long journey or if your car hasn’t been used for a while. Cars, which have been sitting still for prolonged periods, may have developed issues because of the engine being left idle. In a nutshell, the benefits of regular servicing include the following.

Saves money

Regular servicing can help to identify issues early on that could later become costly and expensive to rectify. Take engine oil for example, it is needed to lubricate and protect the moving parts inside your engine. Without it, your engine could seize, costing thousands to repair or replace. New oil and air filters make for a smoother running engine and a more fuel-efficient car.


Maintains value

The second-hand market is always competitive, with buyers expecting more for their money. A car with evidence of regular servicing, or even better a full-service history, is likely to attract more potential buyers and a higher selling price.


Improves longevity

Simply put, regularly servicing your car will undoubtedly improve the life span of the vehicle. Just like your body the better you treat it, the longer it is likely to last. Regular servicing is crucial if you are to enjoy many years of trouble-free driving.


Boosts safety

Servicing will make sure that essential checks are carried out to critical vehicle components such as your braking system and suspension to make sure that these vital parts don’t let you down when you need them most. Regular servicing provides peace of mind that the vehicle is in road-worthy condition.

Just because a car feels ok, it doesn’t automatically mean all is working as well as it should be. As the kilometres’ clock-up so too does the wear and tear. Because deterioration is often gradual and hidden out of sight, motorists may not see and feel the change. This can lull motorists into a false sense of security, mistakenly believing that all is right.