“The sure way to be cheated is to think one’s self more cunning than others” – Francois de la Rochefoucald

The subject of women cheating is so popular these days that it is making it on national television, radio and newspapers”, but the truth is that women have been cheating just as long as men have. After all, heterosexual men have not been cheating with other men have they? Still women cheating has become more prevalent in our modern age as many women no longer have to rely on men for their livelihood’s. Many women are now free to go out, and well, act just like men.

You can get pissed off, or accept the irony and the wisdom that women really are sexual creatures just the same as men. Tuck this knowledge into you brain and never forget it – if unhappy and unsatisfied in a monogamous romantic relationship for long enough there is a good chance that many women will look for greener pastures to roll around with someone new. Especially if someone else is appreciating and treating her better than you are.

But what if this is your fiancée/wife we are talking about here? How do you keep her from wandering? Read on to find out how you can keep her from straying.



Adore her

Simply adore her, and let her know about it. Giving her affection and attention only when you are in the mood to get your groove on is quickly going to lead to her having a headache. You want a woman to be faithful to you? Let her know she rocks your world mentally, emotionally and yes, physically. Compliment her on her smarts and her character just as much as you compliment her fine body.

Women love to ponder a man’s affection and sexual interest so keep her imagination well fed or someone else is going to step in and fill the bill. When you read the anecdotes about why women stray over and over again you read about how she “felt ignored”, how the new man “tells her how soft her skin is, how pretty she is, how her smile lights up a room”. Yeah it is easy to forget, but keep in mind how easy it is for another man to remember.

Now let’s focus on sex, no matter how hot your woman is she probably does not think she is half as hot as you find her. You have got to keep finding new, sweet, sexy ways to let her know how much she turns you on – and not right when you want to get it on. Surprise her with affection. Give her compliments at unexpected times – like while watching a movie together, or going to a friend’s, or when you are walking out the door on the way to work.

Be Fair

Come on, it’s just common sense here guys. If you don’t think you need to be faithful why should she? If you go about dating and love as if you get your own set of rules about faithfulness you just might get those rules rammed down your throat – and no, they won’t taste good.


Chances are you need sex to feel intimate and she needs intimacy to both to feel like sex and just to hang. In the beginning you probably worked yourself to keep the communication going between the two of you, but as time goes on and men feel more comfortable, they get lazy and stop making an effort. Don’t – you’ll be sorry. If you can’t keep pace with the amount of talking she’d like from you work out a deal, she might just cheat on you. Relationships are about understanding each other’s needs and making doable compromises so both sides get their needs met.

Spend Time Together

Stop and think. Do you really need to work so hard just to have all those toys? Being a workaholic might get you ahead at the office, but it may eventually lead you to living a parallel but separate life from your woman. That can lead to you waking up and finding yourself totally alone.

Over schedule your life, leave your woman alone long enough, and she will find other ways to amuse herself, and no, that does not mean watching endless reruns of her favourite series. If she works she will start accepting the compliments of that hot young man at work, which leads to lunch, which leads to…need I say more? No.


Keep It Fresh

Recognize that if you are finding life with her a little boring she is finding it likewise with you, maybe even more so. Men can become very predictable creatures of habit far more easily than they like to admit. Chances are she is not as fond of the couch and eating in as you are, and your favorite bedroom moves are getting so old they are growing mold. Take her out of town, travel and discover new places together, read up and learn all you can about creating great sex together. Same old, same old, breeds boredom for anyone.

Know Her History

Have one of her parent’s had an affair? Has she cheated before? While neither is this an absolute indicator of behavior it is a behavior she’s all too familiar with and may revert to if things get rocky or she gets bored.