The secret to living a healthier and more satisfying life is being youthful, no matter what your age is. Am sure you have met people who at 30 look defeated and bitter, and others  who at 60, wrinkles and all, exude life and energy. Which of the two do you think looks and feels more youthful? Which would you prefer to hang out with? To give you a better idea of what we are aiming for, visualize some synonyms of youthful: spry, sprightly, vigorous and active. It is not about trying to look 20 at 40, but about having vitality at any age.

The following are some of tips to have an energetic mind, body and soul, from your biological youth to your golden years:


The first stages of aging are seen on one’s skin. This being the largest organ that you possess, and also on the exterior, you have to take great care of it. Drink a lot of water, eat your vegetables and also remember to wear sunscreen. Once in a while treat yourself to spa treatments that will help rejuvenate and repair your skin


Laughter is the best medicine! Bitter people look older and most likely scare away potential lovers and friends—which in turn makes them more bitter. No matter what obstacles you have had to face in life, a good attitude helps overcome the next ones and be open to new relationships and connections. You may find beautiful women with pleasant demeanors who have gone through the unthinkable, such as the loss of a child or spouse. And on the other side women embittered by divorce or poor career decisions who look “old” in their forties. Do not be too hard on yourself. Always wear a smile no matter what life has taken you through.


Nothing ages you more than slouching. Bad posture is not a result of ageing. It happens because of lack of exercise and body-awareness. Stand tall at all times and you will look and feel better for your entire life.


Even if you do not follow a strict exercise regime, make sure you stay active regularly. A little bit of exercise every week for a lifetime will keep you flexible. Going all out in your youth and becoming a couch potato when you are older puts you on the fast track to ageing.


Our culture seems to look down on those who get more than 6 hours of shut-eye. We wear working hard and sleeping little as badges of honor. But sleep is the time during which the body repairs, so make sure you get at least 8 hours straight and if you cannot, then take naps, meditate or relax at regular intervals.


What you wear can indicate your age too. This does not mean squeezing into skinny jeans to look ‘cool’ or trying to keep up with what your twenty year old is wearing. Despite the criticism middle aged women get for sharing clothes with their teen daughters, I believe you can actually pull that off! Not by wearing a T-shirt that shows your midriff when you really should be wearing a belt, but by developing your own sense of style that is ageless.


Ever heard the phrase that the first thing someone notices about you is the shoes you wear? Yes, your hair too. Do not be coerced into a hairstyle that makes you look 10 years older, a good hairstyle should subtract years from your look. Everyone is different. A hairstyle looking good on someone will not necessarily look good on you too. Know what works for you.


Many middle aged women may shy off from makeup. You probably have an image of a woman with screaming lipstick and eye shadow and decided to stay out completely. That is not the idea. Make up revamps your look when it is worn correctly. It does not have to be heavy. Under-eye concealer, a good foundation to even out your tone, smudged eyeliner, mascara, and lip-gloss is enough to make anyone look refreshed but not overdone. The key is for your skin to look dewy and for your eyes to look rested.


Do not lose touch with the younger generations, or you run the risk of dating yourself in more than one way. Of course you are older and hopefully wiser, but try not to lose the sense of wonder and hope you had when you were young. Also seek out those older than you. They will help you realize how much more of life is ahead of you and how young you really are.


No matter what age you are, if you pursue your life’s purpose, that which your heart desires, that which helps you feel you can make a difference, that which you would do for free because you love it so much. You will always look and feel youthful. Nurture your passion and that will keep you alive until your last breath.