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How To Seduce Women By Sheer Attitude

“Believe it so” is the motto one must adopt to persuade, lead, seduce, manipulate or influence women by sheer attitude. The force of your personal empowerment is like an invisible field that surrounds you and though it is not tangible the results certainly are.

Attitude that wins is not like the “bad boy” attitude of the past. In the past, if you owned a car and had the looks, the girls didn`t care if you even had a job. You got action!

Today women are making their own money, buying homes and driving Mercedes Benz, I “Believing it so” requires an attitude that you truly believe in yourself and your efforts what ever they may be. Confidence and “believing it” can turn a short bald guy with back hair into Harrison Ford. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Gift Wrapped

How you present yourself tells everyone what is in the package. For example, if you are caring and understanding than people know you are “empathetic”. What ever you emulate is what is in you as a character trait. It starts with your walk; the way you walk is like non verbal communication.

How you dress must absolutely tell people about your personality! This is your wrapper and females understand fashion and will be looking. If you wear polo golf shirts and khaki pants with brown belts and brown shoes you`re probably a golfer who works in a white collar job 9-5 .If you are little crazy, don`t wear a Disney tie, wear a cool tie with funky colors or patterns.

Don`t try to overdress for a simple event or under dress for an important one. Don`t wear your keys on a chain on your belt loop or a cell phone on your belt with your poser wireless ear device as you walk down the street talking to mid air. Just don’t do it!

So far all you have to do is dress properly and walk with confidence and your halfway there to getting her attention and affection from sheer attitude.

Eye Wrestling

Men so want women to check them out when they walk into a place that they will sometimes stare for a few minutes in hopes the girl will look up and give a glance of approval; the proverbial meal ticket to approaching her. Sometimes when the payoff comes, the guy “over does it” with the eyes and literally scares her with a stare. Don`t stare at her like she is a piece of meat that you want to dive into – fork and knife. Don`t stare as if you want to speak with a look like someone is choking the daylights out of you so no sound comes out

Beautiful women are used to being stared at and recognize a gentle glance over the pupil paralysis. If you are dressed decently and have a good walk she has probably already looked at you curiously anyway. When the opportunity comes that you both make eye contact, smile – when your face smiles your eyes smile.

Smile and as soon as she looks at your smile say, “Hi” or “hello”. This is the most normal polite greeting you can give a female spontaneously. This confirms you both are looking at each other – showing her polite gentle respect also seduces her. This is your calling card of confidence when first meeting a female. Being polite is so important to women and most of the time the men in their past that they broke up with did not truly respect them so when a man is confident and polite they call that “humble”.

Even if you are really a selfish prick, if you can portray humble then you can get the attention of so many women because they never feel threatened. On the contrary, they feel naughty because this confident guy is so sweet to her and does not take advantage. When you contradict a women`s expectations of your actions she stops trying to figure you out and waits for your next move.

K.I.S.S. > Keep It Simple Sir

What is at stake here is “first impressions”. You can never make a second first impression so keep it simple. Dress to “express”, walk with a purpose, make eye contact, smile, say hello, and we have her attention. Getting a woman`s attention can be so hard and so easy at the same time.

Hit Hard & Fast

Getting her attention is important and now that you have it you have to keep the fire burning at both ends to close the deal.

After the polite hellos, give her an abstract compliment – I like your hair – I like your purse – I like your shoes. She will appreciate that you complimented her and that it did not sound canned. You noticing something important to her suggests you pay attention to details – her details.

Try not to talk about yourself at all leaving her very curious. If she asks you any personal question reply by saying, “I will tell you anything you want to know over dinner or a drink”. When she complies and accepts your invitation call her that night and make a date. This type of seduction needs to be a whirlwind, virtually sweeping her out of her comfort zone.

Make the call that night and whatever it takes do only two things – make her laugh – talk about her. That is it that is how you will get her to say yes to the date and much more. Don`t let the call last too long and end it by saying, “I better go, I don`t want to be thinking about you all night”. She will love that – knowing you will.

She wants you to want her and she wants to want you back. If you create this element she will break down first. Before you go into the restaurant or bar, stop her and say, “You look really nice tonight,” and kiss her right then before you go in – she will be thinking about how you are seducing her and she will not be able to get it out of her mind while she is inside, she will be waiting for you to kiss her again – never smother – lead her deeper into seduction.

Follow these instructions even if it takes a few times. You will find your rhythm and trust me I know this works. All the best!