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Lasting Impressions Romantic men are weak men. That’s crap! Romantic men are happy men. They turn out to attract most ladies. The more you turn up the romance in your relationship, the more you make a lasting impression to her. HM has compiled for you tips on how to make that amazing impression on her with real testimonials from Kenyan ...

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Relationship Tips

How to Keep Her From Cheating “The sure way to be cheated is to think one’s self more cunning than others” – Francois de la Rochefoucald The subject of women cheating is so popular these days that it’s making it on national television, radio and newspapers”, but the truth is that women have been cheating just as long as men ...

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Personal Finance

Financial Freedom “Most people can do or fix pretty much anything that they want to. The only problem is not focusing on it and then taking the time to do it.” This truth applies to a lot of aspects of life. Today this paradigm is more real than ever with almost anything we want virtually at our fingertips; there are ...

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His Image

Getting the Right suit Often what distinguishes a well-made suit from all the others is simply a matter of details. Generally speaking, the more handwork that goes into a suit, the better the quality and, naturally, the higher the price. In a world where industrial technology allows manufacturers to produce suits in a few quick steps all automated by machines, ...

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How To Keep Women From Intimidating You

One of the symptoms of dating and seduction of attractive women that afflicts men being intimidated by women. Allow me to explain … When you first approach a woman you find attractive, what`s going through your head most of the time? “Oh, wow! I can`t believe I`m talking to this hot babe! This is great! I wonder if she likes ...

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How To Seduce Women By Sheer Attitude “Believe it so” is the motto one must adopt to persuade, lead, seduce, manipulate or influence women by sheer attitude. The force of your personal empowerment is like an invisible field that surrounds you and though it is not tangible the results certainly are. Attitude that wins is not like the “bad boy” ...

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