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Uplift Your Look:

Why is child bearing so cruel to our curves? While nothing short of surgery can make your boobs look like they did when you were 21, there is a lot you can do to boost your general appearance. You can bolster your breasts, whether big or small, here’s how: Get fitted! Many women are wearing the wrong size bra. Go ...

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There is No Crying in Business:

Whether you work in a “compassionate” organisation, such as health care, or a “competitive” environment, such as finance or information technology, women are often mistaken when thinking that a kind, considerate boss, or a humanistic oriented organizational culture will accept or tolerate tearful outbursts. Women and men in positions of leadership are socialized to believe that crying equals vulnerability, and ...

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The Pelvic Exam:

The word “pelvic” refers to the pelvis. This exam is used to look at a woman’s: Vulva (external genital organs). Uterus (the womb). Cervix (opening from the vagina to the uterus). Fallopian tubes (tubes that carry eggs to the womb). Ovaries (organs that reproduce eggs). Bladder (the sack that holds urine). Rectum (the chamber that connects the colon to the ...

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Secrets to a Better Love Life:

A better love life is not about roses and a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. Because this attempt on achieving a better love life may only last as long as the New Year’s resolutions you abandoned the month before. A few weeks later, the sexy nightie will be languishing in the sock drawer, the massage oil will be gathering dust ...

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Why is goal setting important? Because personal development is a lifelong pursuit and life is a work in progress. Because goals can help you do, be, and experience everything you want in life. There will never be a day that will not require dedication, discipline, good judgement, energy and the feeling that you can improve. Each moment is an advance ...

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Bathroom Essentials:

A pleasing, well-stocked bathroom can make all the difference at the start of a busy day and can be transformed into a sensual haven to help you unwind at the end of it. The skin is the body’s largest organ and forms a protective barrier against bacteria and other invaders. Although it continually sheds and renews itself, the skin has ...

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