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Africa Plantation Capital & Bidco Africa Sign MOU for the supply of Bamboo Biomass by Africa Plantation Capital to Bidco Africa for green and Sustainable Energy Source.

On June the 26th Africa Plantation Capital signed an MOU to supply Bamboo Biomass to   Bidco Africa Group for Green and Sustainable Energy Source.   The MOU was signed during the BAMBOO PLANTING DAY AT NDAKAINI DAM which the two organizations established as an annual event last year and is part of their 1,000,000 bamboo seedlings initiative. Both companies are ...

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Myths of the Social Media age

The internet was expected to renew democracy, tackle the hegemony of the monopoly news providers and draw us all into a global community. Over the past six months, that idea has been undermined by a new myth which suggests that democracy is, in fact, being overturned by the spawn of the internet: russian bots and fake news – and that ...

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How we pinned down what attracts Mosquitos that carry dengue fever

Kenya has seen a rapid increase in chikungunya and dengue viruses’ outbreaks since 2016. Both are mos-quito-borne viral infections that lead to debilitating joint and muscle pain. The two sister diseases are trans- mitted by the aedes aegypti – a black mosquito with white spots that only bites during the day. The viruses are spread by the female mosquito when ...

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Landing a great car loan

Chances are you are part of the increasing number of buyers who do their home- work well in advance before buying a new car. Many consum- ers research on pricing information, features, options, specifications and safety. if you are not paying cash for your car, check interest rates, your credit score, and available financ- ing options with the same intensity. ...

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African universities databases. are ignoring a rich, invaluable resource: their alumni

Universities across africa are sitting on – and ignoring – a potential gold mine: their graduates. research from the global North, where tracking and keeping in touch with alumni is common practice for universities, shows that this reaps huge benefits. alumni pledges sometimes give money to their alma mater annually. Others use their influence in particu- lar industries or business ...

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What ‘blackface’ tells us about china’s Patronising attitude towards Africa

You could compile a long list of ‘blackfaces’ in East asian media over the last decade. But the latest version thisEuro-american racist archetype in Chinese media is by far the most controversial – a skit on China’s English language TV station CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala feat uring ‘black- face’ actors. like the others on the growing list of racist incidents, ...

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