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A father-child relationship is unique one and the bond is stronger if the dad-to be gets connected with the baby before she is born. Here are some tips to help fathers bond with their unborn child.

If you are a dad-to-be and you are worried about what kind of relationship you would have with your newborn, start building a strong connection with your newborn much before he arrives in this world. Learn how you can get connected with your child when she is still in her mother’s womb.

It is a general trend that people concentrate on mother-to-be and give advices to her so that she not only remains healthy and takes care of the health of her unborn, but also builds a special bonding with her child. Well, even though you are not much paid attention at, you can have a strong bonding with your child much before he/she is born.

Always keep in mind that the unique connection between the dad and his newborn is very special. Gone are the days when fathers did not take much interest in the unborn and the newborns. Studies reveal that children are getting even closer to their fathers as compared to moms.

Tips for Dads-to-Be to Bond with the Baby

Today, it is proved that fathers can do much more than just physical act of nursing. In fact, they hold the baby, cuddle, sooth and even change diapers. So, if you want to have a strong bonding with your child, keep in mind the tips mentioned below.



Talk to your baby when she is in her mother’s womb. You can discuss things just like you were talking to someone you can see. Make planning of the evenings and weekends that you would like to spend with her when she arrives and so on.

Go for a Walk

If possible make it a daily routine to go with your wife for an evening walk and pay attention to your unborn also along with your wife and her comfort.

Feel the Kicking

Sit with your wife for some time keeping your hands on her womb so that you come to know immediately when your child kicks inside. Enjoy every movement that you can feel and tell your child you are enjoying everything.


Put on some good and melodious music and bring your headphones close to your wife’s belly. Research has shown that music helps a lot in every aspect and your child will be healthier and with a positive attitude as well.

Stand-by Your Partner

Stand-by your partner and go along with her on every appointment and attend every class and pre-natal doctor visit you can. Knowledge is power and knowing what to expect will bring a range of positive possibilities to pop before baby even arrives. You don’t need to read every book if that’s not your thing; really, but showing up counts for a lot. Staying involved in the entire process will not only strengthen your bond with your child, but your partner will also have the strength of being well supported by her husband.


According to Deena H. Blumenfeld, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, babies hear sounds from the outside world at 16 weeks gestation. They also recognize their parents’ voices from the moment they are born. If dad sings to the baby while baby is still in the womb, the baby will know the song, calm and look to dad.

Belly Massage

Dads can touch or gently massage their wife’s belly to make a physical connection with their unborn baby throughout the pregnancy.