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Awards celebrating 25 years of excellence in magazine publishing

Dr. Hanningtone Gaya remembers July 1, 1995 like yesterday. It is the date he launched his first maga zine, the monthly MOTOR.
The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, Media Seven Group has been publishing leading life style and specialized magazines, includ- ing the monthly MOTOR, Business Monthly and Mum and Dad.
According to Dr. Gaya, “When you are in magazine publishing, every new issue must have fresh, interesting and engaging content. That means investing in quality, informative, educative, entertaining, topical, bold and relevant content every month.’
‘’In this kind of work environ- ment, time moves very fast.You hard- ly notice that you have been in the business for more than two decades,” says the publisher, who this year, is celebrating 25 Years Silver Jubilee in Magazine Publishing, with seven leading magazine titles under his belt.
Looking back, the fast-paced world of publishing that Dr. Gaya works in has not robbed him of time and perspective to reflect on his 25-year journey in publishing, which he says has been fruitful due to the support of loyal readers and subscribers, including some of the top names in medicine and law. The coffee tables of leading doctors and lawyers’ suites have been adorned by the glossy covers of Media Seven Magazines. From Nairobi Hospital to The Aga Khan University Hospital Doctors Plazas, these waiting rooms are reading libraries of Motor and Business Monthly magazines, many of them being subscriptions dating all the way back to the mid-90s.
Dr. Gaya is most grateful for the support enjoyed by thousands of readers, most of who are looking for premium content in a market where magazines come to market but quickly disappear, due to inadequate advertising support from industry and commerce.
In particular, Business Monthly, the flagship titles in the Media Seven stable, has cut out a niche for itself as the go-to source for premium business content. “We don’t tell you what happened in the world of busi- ness. Twitter can do that for you nowadays.
Rather, we tell you why it ha pened and what is likely to happen next from an industry or policy standpoint, bringing in experts from industry and academia to offer dif- ferent perspectives,” says Dr. Gaya.
This rich and informed debate on topical issues in the world of business and economics makes our readers better managers, better deci- sion makers and better business peo- ple, since our core readership is largely drawn from the world of management, business leadership and public service, including aca- demia, adds Dr. Gaya.
“I realized that although mag- azine publishing was a passion, I needed a professional approach to consolidate the progress I had made since the 90s. That is why I enrolled for further studies in business,” says Dr. Gaya, who holds a PhD in Commerce in Business Management from Nelson Mandela University.
Throughout the years, Dr. Gaya has built a solid network of editorial and advertising partners who have helped him defy the odds in an industry famed for its unforgiving terrain, a dearth in magazine adver-tising being the daily menu that is served. Because of this, “We are grateful to our advertising partners because they understand the power of spot-on niche marketing that our magazines have afforded them. We are a great platform for premium marketing and the leading brands we have helped position are testaments to the power of magazine editorials and advertising. One rarely gets this in media. People avoid ads. Even on YouTube, most viewers skip ads,” notes the publisher.
To mark Media Seven Group’s
25 Years of Excellence in magazine publishing, Business Monthly, in partnership with leading research and PR firms, have been putting
together a list of 25 top women and men to be feted, each top leader rep- resenting each year of excellence in magazine publishing.
Each of the top 25 has con-
tributed in more than three criteria of qualification, including walking the talk in business ethics includ- ing corporate governance and social responsibility, entrepreneurship, wealth and employment creation, industry leadership, policy develop- ment, people management and men- torship, small holder and MSME financial inclusion.
The Top 25 are people whose stars are shining and continue to shine on the industries and com- merce where their contributions leave colossus footprints as they delve their mark on a daily basis. The Top 25 are inspirational ladies and gentlemen who continue to raise the bar in the standards they set in their firms, industries and business associations they lead.
Business Monthly is glad to cel- ebrate Media Seven Group’s Silver Jubilee by honoring them in this
25th anniversary and inaugural awards,” concludes Dr. Gaya.
In the same vein, Business Monthly recognizes efforts of recent regular contributors and columnists who have contributed topical, inter- esting and deeply researched articles: Mike Eldon, Phyllis Wakiaga, Prof. Scott Bellows, Jeff Aludo, Anzetse Were, Cathy Mputhia, William Maema and I, Lennox Yieke.