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Media 7 Group Kenya Ltd is a publishing company established in 1995 with the aim of providing quality lifestyle, coffee table type magazines for the liberal minded people. Our target audiences are enthusiastic about life and are not only driven towards success career-wise, but also in their relationships, social encounters, family relations and life in general. We cater to the different audiences by offering different magazines because we believe that the society has people with different interests and preferences. By offering differently targeted magazines, we ensure that the needs of people at all levels are met.

Under the Media 7 Group umbrella, the following magazines are currently available:

  • Monthly Motor
  • Business Monthly
  • Mum & Dad
  • HM
  • HER
  • TL
  • G

10,000 copies of each magazine are printed monthly and read between 22-25 people per copy each month. We have a working distribution list that covers highly placed business personalities through a registered subscription service. The subscription list also includes doctors, lawyers, directors, and the “who is who” in the banking, insurance, communication, manufacturing and service sectors.

The magazines are distributed throughout East Africa by the Nation Marketing and Publishing, a distribution and marketing arm of the Nation Media Group