KNCCi Business Awards 2019 : Africa Plantation Capital Wins 2019 Best Agribusiness Company of the Year Award

For the fourth consecutive year, Africa Plantation Capital wins the Best Agribusiness Company of the Year 2019 Award during the KNCCi Business Awards.

Africa Plantation Capital is part of the multi-award-winning APC Group and has been operating in the region since October 2015.APC has been impressing the business world of the region with its amazing performance since the beginning of its operations.

Operating under the umbrella of APC Group , the company has always been following the ethics code and the vision of the group focusing into providing state of the art , sustainable and profitable agroforestry projects in the East Africa Region

December, 2016, during the Business Awards organized by KNCCi everybody was pleasantly surprised when the Presenter announced that the new business of the Year Award was not a real estate or service company but a company doing Green Projects! Africa Plantation Capital with an amazing rate of growth had succeeded in establishing a strong footprint in Kenya in just over a year. December 2017, a year later, Africa Plantation Capital who continued its growth strategy throughout the East African region once again impressed the Award Committee as well as the public of Kenya and was declared to be the Best Agribusiness Company of the year 2017 during the award ceremony organized by the Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The course of success did not stop there. In 2018, for the third consecutive year the company once again prevailed in the field of agribusiness and was again declared “The Best Agribusiness Company” for the year 2018 during the Business Awards organized by KNCCi.

Dedicated to maintain its leading position in the region and provide top of the range plantation management services, Africa Plantation Capital’s team continued the great work during 2019. The hard work and amazing progress was once more rewarded with the recognition by the business community and KNCCi awarding Africa Plantation Capital one more time as the Best Agribusiness Company of the year 2019 during the KNCCi Business excellence awards that took place last week in Mombasa.

APC’s business model is based on team work and good planning. The East Africa operations are supported by a great management team and a team of 150+ well trained and skilled staff covering all sections of APC operations together with over 200 casual workers who give their best on a daily basis to provide top of the range plantation management services and to make the Africa Plantation Capital Group’s plans to become reality.

Africa Plantation Capital has been operating in East Africa since October 2015.  Today the company is managing over 800 private plantations, 2 arboretums, 6 nurseries, two processing units and 5 offices in Kenya and Uganda. The ingredients of its amazing growth and success are simple. Without any doubt Kenya was the ideal location to start and the best crop to grow was Bamboo. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource with properties similar to that of timber, supporting green economic development, and thereby contributing to major national development goals such as Vision 2030.

Despite several challenges, Africa Plantation Capital Group has accomplished an impressive course in a very short time thanks to the correct planning, the right people and partnerships according to the M.D., Mr. Kaloki “Our power is our human resources. Around the world the, group has over 2000 members of staff but we did not have to use them for our East Africa operations. Kenya has on offer some of the best brains and best human resources a company may need.  From simple workers to highly educated and experienced scientists a company can find the right people to create a successful operation. Our human resources are 100% from East Africa”

Agroforestry in East Africa is full of opportunities and Africa Plantation Capital Team is here to establish a brand name while creating a strong network and stemming out challenges currently faced by the global timber and biomass industries. Initially targeting to produce biomass for fibre, Africa Plantation Capital is now expanding its horizons and exploits other sectors such as bamboo tea, bicycles, bamboo charcoal, the paper industry and energy sector. Its first bamboo processing facility is now ready and will start production the first quarter of 2020.

This new expansion is to facilitate the group’s major investment into a forestry plantation sector that could be crucial in meeting the challenges currently faced by the global timber and biomass industries, as well as driving the quest for sustainable manufacturing and energy solutions.

The success of APC Group around the world is based on its business model. In order to increase uptake of sustainable manufacturing solutions, and create a lucrative value chain, APC has introduced a vertical production line where the company does everything from land acquisition, seedling propagation, land preparation, plantation management all the way to harvesting, processing, marketing and sales for the final product. “We prefer to grow a crop that gives us the option of diversified end products that can target different markets. Bamboo for example has several uses from flooring to food, construction, activated carbon, biofuel up to fibre for the textile industry.” Said Mr. Kaloki during the KNCCi Business awards.

In East Africa, APC is focusing on developing Bamboo plantations. “Bamboo is a grass, a sustainable grass, with several product uses. While setting up our plantations, we are also getting ready to set up the required processing facilities. International brands such as Bootex, Boorider and ecotech are creating a demand for our bamboo products. The group is ready to manage the biomass produced in Kenya and bring it to the rest of the world via its international sales network.” Said Mr. Kaloki who is the Managing Director at APC.

Another key factor for successful agroforestry projects is the size according to Mr. Kaloki is “Large-scale agriculture and forestry projects anywhere in the world, and the same applies in East Africa, are usually successful. But the size alone will not guarantee any returns. In order to make money out of a big project you need to work hard and plan a lot. A primary factor that needs to be considered is the risk involved. When starting, you have to see what the real expectations are. Short cuts are not the way to go. The investor has to be ready to spend in order to collect. A large scale project provides you the benefits of the economy of scales and makes possible the creation of an integrated value chain. “

Dedicated to quality Africa Plantation Capital is also ISO 9001/2015 certified by Bureau Veritas under international UKAS standards for “Quality Plantation Management”.  “The company has severally been awarded in Asia and Europe, but winning an award from the KNCCi every year since we started has an extra value for us. It is the confirmation that all our efforts have a positive result and we are determined to continue towards a very successful venture, expand more, create jobs and a better environment.”

Combining local expertise and the group’s international experience Kaloki says that these are the ingredients of our success. Only following top of the range standards, Africa plantation Capital Group is here to grow and provide state of the art plantation management services. Not only creating opportunities for the company, but also for the private sector, bringing green projects in the centre of interest for the East African market and leading the way to sustainable growth.