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10 Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption

By Martin O’Neil

With cost of fuel continuing to soar to new heights, responsible car manufacturers are opting to design the car engines with features that improve fuel efficiency. The engine features, coupled with fuel efficient driving, are registering unbelievable fuel consumption figures. One manufacturer leading in the pursuit of fuel efficiency is Ford. Ford has incorporated EcoBoost technology, making it available across a growing range of Ford models.

New technology such as that offered in Ford’s EcoBoost engines means you can have spirited performance without the considerable strain on your wallet.  While Ford offers a range of fuel efficient cars in Africa, correct driving habits can also go a long way to ensuring you get the most out of your car.

In Africa, the EcoBoost engine technology is available in the Fiesta, Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Kuga, EcoSport and the recently launched Mustang.

In celebration of the introduction of the EcoBoost engine in various Ford models, Ford advises their drivers to adhere to the following 10 real world tips for motorists looking to lower fuel costs but still keep driving exciting:


  1. Get your kit off

The kit on the roof that is. Take the roof racks off your car during the week. This ensures better aerodynamics and makes a big difference in fuel efficiency.

  1. Tyre Pressures

Ensure your tyres are up to the correct pressure. Such a simple task can have a massive impact on fuel usage as well as handling. It’s also safe. Low tyre pressure can cause blowouts.

  1. What is in your boot?

Weight can be another factor in increasing fuel usage affecting the car’s handling. Unload unnecessary items from your car. Do not entirely fill the fuel tank, opting to fill only 60 or 70 per cent since a full tank is actually quite heavy by itself.

  1. Don’t rubberneck!

We are all tempted to slow down and have a look at what caused the accident on the side of the road. When you slow down to do so, you’re causing others, in some cases hundreds of others, to slow down for no reason. All those cars then hit the pedal to speed back up, including you, wasting fuel in the process.

  1. Anticipate

Always look ahead and get a good idea of what is about to happen in the next few seconds. Minimise your reactionary braking, or aggressive acceleration. Smooth out your driving.

  1. Don’t drive angry

Easier said than done, especially in heavy traffic. But angry driving burns more fuel. Burning out at the traffic lights or weaving in and out of cars can all mean heavy acceleration and heavy fuel use.

  1. Cruise

Using cruise control on the motorway and setting a constant speed can save fuel.

  1. Are you in tune?

Is your engine making the right kinds of sounds? Servicing your car is a task few look forward to. But while you may be saving money in servicing costs, you’ll end up paying in the long run with poorer fuel economy or even bigger mechanic’s bills if you leave it too long.

  1. Plan your journey

A wrong turn here and there means extra kilometres behind the wheel and that means you burn more fuel. Rushing out to the shops three or four times a weekend also impacts your pocket. Draw up a shopping list and ensure you complete all your errands in one trip. A carefully planned journey can save you precious litres.

  1. Car choice

Lastly, your car doesn’t need to be boring either. Case in point – the new Ford Fiesta ST with EcoBoost is Ford’s fastest-yet production Fiesta ST. At the same time, it’s also the most fuel efficient with a combined cycle fuel economy rate of 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres.* When buying a car, opt for the models with fuel saving design features, such as Ford.

“Ford’s EcoBoost technology provides the power that makes driving exciting while still ensuring optimal fuel efficiency,” says Gavin Golightly Marketing Manager, Ford in Africa. “The Fiesta ST is a great example. It offers the perfect choice for the fuel conscious driving enthusiast, offering the hottest hatch performance and every day driving practicality. The EcoBoost technology also means you don’t have to drive with a heavy foot to keep the revs up and achieve performance across our line-up of vehicles.”

The EcoBoost engine is featured across the Ford Africa range in the following models:

  • Fiesta: 1.0L EcoBoost – 74kW, 170Nm – uses just 5.7l* of fuel per 100km
  • Fiesta ST:1.6L EcoBoost – 134kW, 240Nm – uses just 5.9l* of fuel per 100km
  • Focus ST: 2.0L EcoBoost – 184 kW, 360Nm – uses just 7.2l* of fuel per 100km
  • Kuga: 1.6L EcoBoost, 110kW/134 kW, 240Nm – uses just 6.6l* /7.7l* of fuel per 100km
  • EcoSport: 92kW, 170Nm – uses just 5.7l* of fuel per 100km