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Tips for the perfect Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is in a month’s time! In an effort to save yourself and give you some ideas to make the day extra special for your partner, we surveyed different couples to find what men think of Cupid’s special day.

Turns out men and women have different ideas of what the perfect Valentine’s Day date entails. The majority of men and women (50 and 60 percent, respectively) think a romantic weekend away is the perfect way to celebrate. But if your pockets aren’t deep enough to jet set to a luxurious vacation spot this February, there are some less-expensive alternatives to try.

Many associate Valentine’s Day with some gift staples—a box of chocolates, a cuddly teddy or a single red rose, to start. Forty-five percent of men in a recent research think flowers are the way to say ” I love you ” on February 14, but only 4 percent of women agree. Rather, one-third of women want jewelry and 40 percent want to be treated to a day at the spa.

On what they want on that special day? A whopping 70 percent of men just want some sex. So it’s safe to say men aren’t as interested in the traditional Valentine’s Day present, unless the gift is in the bedroom. But what if you could get him the gift of never erasing his shows again?

Gift ideas

Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day symbolizes the love between couples. Give a special gift to your boyfriend or husband this year on 14 February and show your feelings. There are hundreds of gift ideas to choose. From top of the line expensive presents to small homemade gifts, you have a wide range to select the perfect gift for him. Here are five present ideas for him for Valentine?s Day.

Bake a Cake

So you say can bake, show your baking skills and bake a cake for him. If you are a baking expert, you can try his favourite flavour and serve it to him with a greeting written on top. There are other options such as cookies or sweets, but a cake is the safest option. Baking a cake is going to be an economical option for you as well. If you do not have too much money to spend on a gift for him, stick to a homemade goodie and keep it under budget.



Men love gadgets. There is little chance that your man would not appreciate receiving the latest iPhone or any other gadget that he loves. Electronics and gadgets are tried and tested options and men generally love if their women account for their taste. Keep in mind that your boyfriend might not appreciate if you spend an exorbitant amount of money on a gadget. Also, make sure you select something your partner would like.

Night Out

Get him tickets to a concert of his favourite band or a game featuring his favourite sports team. Think from a man’s perspective. Your lover is going to love a night out doing something he loves and if you plan it for him, he is going to love you for it. Go with him and take pleasure in watching your man enjoying and having fun.




Chocolates are a traditional gift on Valentine’s Day. If your man has a sweet tooth, then chocolates are the easiest option for you. Get a box of the finest chocolates you can find, preferably heart-shaped ones, though that might be too cheesy. Regardless, select the chocolates your man likes the most.


Figure out what your man likes doing the most and then choose a present according to it. For instance, if he is an avid reader, he would love if you give him a couple of new books. Try to select a gift he will prefer rather than something you think he will like. These are five present ideas for him for Valentine’s Day. The perfect gift sets the tone for a perfect day together so choose wisely. All the best!