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Siblings share a close bond with each other. Find out a few tips to strengthen sibling relationships. All siblings should share a close bond with each other. It improves family ties and makes the relationship stronger. Here are a few interesting tips to strengthen sibling relationships.

Sharing the Same Room

Siblings can share the same room till they are young. This will help them to bond well with each other and improve their relationships.

Treat Equally

Always treat both children equally. This will help them to understand that both of them are valued. Never be biased more towards one child as this will create feelings of inferiority or inequality.

Spend Quality Time with Both

Always spend quality time with both children. Never give more importance to one than the other. Treat both of them like they are the same irrespective of gender and age differences.

Be Impartial during Fights

Always be impartial while solving fights between siblings. Never take one’s side more often than the other. Solve fights amicably and try to reduce them.

Sharing Belongings

Always encourage children to share belongings with each other. Sharing toys, books, etc. can go a long way in improving sibling bonds.

Teach Respect

Teach children to respect each other and love each other. Tell them that they must always support each other and care for each other.

Reduce Dependency on Parents

Teach children to learn from each other and help each other. This will help to reduce dependency on parents. Ask them to go out together and support each other.

Tell them Stories

Tell children good stories every day, especially based on sibling relationships. This will help them realise the importance of a sibling in their life and also help them to have fond memories when they are grown up. Tell them stories about your childhood, their grand-parents, your siblings etc.

Take them Upcountry

Take the children for a visit up country and tell them stories about your growing up years. Show them around and let them have some fun. Let them explore around and enjoy themselves.



Celebrate Holidays

Ask children to join in decorating Christmas tree for Christmas, finding gifts during birthdays, etc. This will help to improve bonding and help them spend quality time with each other. Involve them in festive celebrations.

Buying Similar Clothes

It is fun for siblings to share some clothes or wear similar clothes once in a while. This will bring some amusement and make them like each other.

Celebrating Birthdays Together

It is nice to celebrate sibling birthdays together if they are born around the same date in the same month. This will improve the bonding and bring in some fond memories. Also, if their birthdays are celebrated individually, new clothes should be purchased for both on each child’s birthday.

Sending to the Same School

It is good to send siblings to the same school. This will help them to know each other better and share some common friends. It will also help them to have moral support while in school.

Going for Vacations Together

It is good for siblings to share vacations along with the parents once in a while. This will improve their bond and help them to have good experiences.

Sending to Same Hobby Classes


You can send siblings to some hobby classes together such as guitar classes, badminton, etc. This will be good exercise and a chance to spend time together. They can meet new people and have some common friends.

Taking Pictures Together

Take lots of pictures together of both siblings. This will improve the bonding and help to have memories in the future. Whenever you get a chance, take good pictures of them so that they have something to look back on when they are older.

Siblings should always like each other irrespective of other people. Teach them the importance of having each other and the value of their relationship. Sibling relations can be strengthened using the above tips and methods.