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Education should be a priority in life it is the best tool a person can have to help them manage their lives, achieve happiness and enjoy some freedom.

Most people have to do a great deal of hard work and study for many hours to prepare for exams. You often have several subjects to study and this work can seem a real chore. If you don’t love information for its own sake, then the most practical way of looking at this work is that is has to be done to give you the freedom to do what you want later on. It’s a grind that you have to go through.

It’s good for you to learn determination and develop staying power early in your educational career because you will need a great deal of these qualities later on if you’re going to hold down a job successfully in a competitive world. Life beyond school is perhaps not as straightforward as it used to be even some college graduates with good degrees have difficulty in finding jobs.

Fitting in

There’s no doubt that while you have to study in the evenings you’ll sometimes feel jealous and resentful of those of your friends who may have left school, have jobs and money and go out every night apparently without a care in the world. You’re not unique everyone who studies has experienced this and many before you have ignored it, continued to study and become successful.

The right amount of homework

Most young people are expected to do about two hours homework in the evening during the week, plus three to four hours on the weekends as well as some extra project work during vacation periods. Your school should guide you as to the amount of homework you are supposed to do. If very little homework is being given on your trip home, it’s not going to do you much good in the long run. However, if you suddenly realise that you’re doing three or four hours a night and more on the weekends, you may be overloading yourself or working too slowly. Talk to your parents and teachers about maintaining a balance or possibly earning how to work smart.