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Making The House You Rent to Feel Like Your “Home”

In the past, the own-or-rent decision was largely about whether to live in a house or apartment. That’s no longer true. Condos allow ownership of a multi-family residence, and the opportunities to rent a stand-alone house are greater than ever before. The own-rent decision should be apples-to-apples with comparable properties. That again is not easy. The market dynamics play a key role as far as it concerns the affordability of families to buy a house.

Buying or renting a house is an investment decision that is affected by several factors.

In the current market, the rocketing price of housing is making owning a home for many young families an impossibility. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, then usually the only solution is to rent.  Many

people find this solution to be temporary and a necessity. Most of them are not willing to invest any time or money to make this house to become a home. However, there are ways how a rented house can be made to feel like home and who knows might one day become your home.

With today’s short term leases, the possibility of making the rented house  feel like home is more difficult, but it can be done. In addition, providing that the rent is paid on time and you do not annoy your landlord, a short term lease can become a long term one. As long as the characteristics of the house  you are going to rent cover your family needs then you never know, this could be the place to see your children grow up and live lots of happy moments. So, is it worth the time and sometimes even the money to add this little something that will convert a house to your family home?

Before you start any works or alternations, even before you rent a house, have a conversation with the landlord. It is always best to check with the landlord about what alterations he or she will allow you

to make before making the property feel ‘just like home.’ This may well apply to the internal décor, the landlord might not mind you painting the walls, but it is best to check whether or not you will have to repaint them

in the original color should you ever to decide to move out. Also, it may be worthwhile checking to see if you are permitted to put up new wallpaper.

While a change of décor in the rented property can make you feel more at home, there are also other ways to give it that much more homely touch. For example, you can install decorative lighting fixtures, and these can always be taken down should you ever decide to move. If the floors look dull and dingy, colourful rugs   can

brighten the place up. If the landlord will not allow you to remove ugly window blinds, hanging drapes

over them is a simple way to add your own touch to the window treatments. If there is no  garden or you want to brighten up your home further, flower boxes in the windows can add personality and make it feel like a real home. If you have a terrace then you can create a small “garden” with flower pots

and garden furniture that will let you enjoy the sunny days.

When looking for a house or flat, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. If you have a young family you might not want a property alongside a busy main road. You might also want a garden for the children to be able to play in or a nearby park or play area. If your children are of school age you may also want a property that is in the catchment area of good school. Finding a reliable lettings agent

can be critical in making sure you are well informed when choosing a property. Experienced letting agents often have insider knowledge of their local area, and can help direct you to property that fits your needs.

Choosing your family’s house has nothing to do with the type of contract you will sign. You need to separate these two elements. The type of property that meets your needs and the fact that you will buy or rent it are not as much  related as you think. Renting or buying is a financial decision which depending on the timing and your financial situation could make more sense either ways. Choose the right type of house, the one that will fulfill all your desires for a happy safe and comfortable living is vital.

Make sure before you choose your next house that you are considering all your current as well as future needs. If you are just married and planning to have 2 kids then you should look for a house that will be able to accommodate all


of you. If you have a pet or you are planning to get one soon, then you must choose a house where pets are allowed.

When looking for an apartment or a house to rent you should use the same criteria like if you were going to buy it. Do not compromise unless if needed. Quality, location, style, comfort and size should meet your demands. Even if you are to stay in this place for a year or  two it has to be a home for you.  Our

home is our shelter where we spend at least half of our lives and it has to make us happy.

Just because you are renting a property for your family does not mean you can never make it feel like home. At the end of the day, home is where our family is. If you decide for now to rent instead of buying, do not make the mistake to forget your dreams or to simplify the process

of finding the correct house for you and your family. Give yourselves and the ones you love the pleasure of coming back to a home that will fill them with positive energy and great memories.

From a technical point of view, since changing houses and moving is a very complicated process, make sure you choose correct not only the type of house but also the condition of the building. The last thing you need is to have workers

coming to fix damages every second day. So, find a lettings agency which can help you find the property of your choice, make sure you get a proper inspection that will give  you a good report about the   condition of the premises and check with the landlord about the changes you can make then get set to put your own personal stamp on the interiors.


Kosta Kioleoglou

Civil Engineer Msc/DBM REV Valuer by Tegova RMD For APC