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Coming off drugs is difficult and you shouldn’t attempt to do it by yourself, but as long as you want to come off you can. Many people before you have come off drugs and if you go about it the right was and with the right help you’ll succeed too.

Getting help

Find out from the national drugs helpline what services are available in your area. They can give you advice you want on what type of help would be most appropriate. Alternatively ask your GP to refer you to the most reliable and suitable organization. Whatever you choose remember that all drug agencies and medical services are duty bound to treat your case in complete confidence and discretion.

Coming off

Clearing your system can take anything from a few days to a few months, and for safety’s sake it must be done under medical supervision. Some drugs can be stopped straightaway, others gradually. To stop suddenly is very risky and dangerous. The first few days are usually the hardest, since you’re through them hang on in there it will get better, but it takes time.

Staying off

Withdrawals are only half the battle. The toughest part is staying off the drug. Give yourself the best chance.

  • Keep yourself busy.
  • Stay away from all drugs and that includes alcohol.
  • Avoid situations where there are drugs, and places where you used to go to take drugs and avoid people who take drugs.
  • Get support when you feel you might slip back.