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Touching yourself down below is a perfectly normal habit, no matter what age, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone masturbates boys and girls, men and women and for many it’s the first sexual experience.

Masturbation never does any harm unless it turns into an obsessive occupation when it may indicate problems to do with poor self-esteem.

Although it’s more common for boys than girls, masturbation is more important for girls because it allows them to explore and experiment with their bodies long before they ever have sex with another person. A girl can stimulate her own body to find out what her responses are and what she likes and prefers.

Although they may not often admit it a lot of boys achieve their best orgasms by masturbating. Nowadays I am pleases to say most young people believe that it’s acceptable and harmless to do this.

Masturbation will not make you go blind. Nor will it give you acne, insanity or hairy palms-these are some of the myths.