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Happy New Year readers! Hope you enjoyed your holidays and still are for some of you. Beginnings are beautiful aren’t they? You just have a good reason to start everything over and put an end to a past.

Speaking of pasts, they can be haunting, ugly and also obstacles to future success. You will not believe the number of people who struggle to keep their past away and focus on new beginnings. It is one topic that you have probably heard every beginning of the year, and you will continue to come across it as long as people continue dating and having sex and living. This topic will always be there.

What do you do about your unforgiving past then? Forgive. Forgiveness is very crucial to your happiness. People come into our lives to teach us lessons. It is what you do with these lessons that determines how your future will be. Think of all the people you have encountered in your life. Isn’t it funny to look back and think about the last time you saw a particular person; it may have been several years ago, and it is quite possible that you will never again see him/her in this lifetime. Reason? This person served their purpose in your life.

The process will not be easy – no lie! Nothing close to easy. It will be debilitating! But do you want to be happy? It starts with you. Given that every experience we have is a lesson for us, think about the people who have hurt you in the past. Have you allowed yourself to forgive them? Or are you still holding into the emotional pain? Do you find yourself conjuring up scenes of “sweet revenge” in your mind, or worse still, acting out those scenes? Are you able to forgive and let go? If you are not, then who holds the power – you or them?

Enjoy the read!