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Like many other teenagers, I wanted to leave school at 16. I felt great desire to be independent to be working and to be earning money of my own.

I wanted to stop studying and start enjoying myself. Fortunately for me, my parents and teachers persuaded me to do otherwise. I went to college after the summer holidays and continued my studies for A-levels and then went on to medical school. Thank heavens my parents and teachers won me over.

If you are a teenager who has academic ability, it would be great shame if you didn’t go on further study, because it’s then that you can really start to enjoy complex and more specialized work. Besides this, your relationships with teachers will become easier, friendlier and more informal, you’re given responsibility and you’re treated as an adult.

In further education you have more choice; you may stay on at school, or transfer to a designated sixth form centre or to a further education college, where you may be studying alongside adults. You should also be aware that by staying on, you’re possibly preparing for a university career and university life, which will offer independence, living away from home, a new social life and an open academic curriculum. Don’t therefore, be tempted to leave school on a mere whim.