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Breasts come in every shape and size. Remember that it’s not true that boys prefer girls with big breasts or that small breasts mean you can’t breasts feed a baby in the future.

It’s normal for your breasts to feel tender as they grow during puberty, and in the weeks before your period. You may find that wearing a bra helps to relieve any tenderness. A good bra will support heavy breasts and stop them from wobbling or sagging.

Buying a good bra

There’s no need to wear a stiff, heavy bras with underwire if u don’t need that much support. Today there are plenty new fashions and styles of bras in the market specially designed for all shapes and sizes and girls who lead very active lives, who need all the support and who want to look as natural as possible. Cotton is the best fabric to choose, particularly if you play a lot of sports or do exercise daily. But there are good bras made of synthetic fibres too.

Measuring for a bra

Measure yourself under the bust and around up to the nearest size if you can. For instance, if you measure 84cm, you will need an 86cm bra. For your cup size measure around the largest part of your breasts and take the first measurement away from this. If the difference is less than 12.5cm, you are an A cup, less than 15cm,, you are a B cup 15-22cm means your are a C cup and 23cm or more you are a D cup.

Many stores offer a fitting service with trained assistants and the chance to try on different bras before you buy. This will help you establish what kind of bra suits you.