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Bathroom Essentials:

A pleasing, well-stocked bathroom can make all the difference at the start of a busy day and can be transformed into a sensual haven to help you unwind at the end of it.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and forms a protective barrier against bacteria and other invaders. Although it continually sheds and renews itself, the skin has a lot to cope with and it deserves special attention. Scrubbing our skin removes dead skin cells and stimulates the blood supply, leaving skin tingling and toned. So keeping clean is vital for overall health of the skin and body.

Sponges and facecloths:

These are useful for lathering soaps and gels on your skin, and dislodging dirt and grime from your body. Wash your facecloth regularly, and allow it to dry between uses. Naturally, sponges are a more expensive but long-lasting alternative. Squeeze out afterwards in warm water and allow it to dry naturally.

Pumice stone:

These are made from very porous volcanic rock, and works best if you lather up with soap before rubbing at hardened areas of the skin in a circular motion. Don’t rub too fiercely or you will make the skin sore. Little and often is best.

Loofah of back brush:

Try using a loofah as an exfoliator as its length makes it useful for scrubbing difficult to-reach areas such as the back. Loofahs are actually the pod of an Egyptian plant and need a bit of care if they’re going to last. Rinse and drain them thoroughly after use to prevent them from going black and mouldy. Avoid rinsing them in vinegar and lemon juice, as this can be too harsh for these once living things. Back brushes are also useful for areas of the skin that are hard to reach. Simply rinse them after use, and leave them to dry.

Soaps and cleaning bars:

These are a cheap and effective way of cleaning your body. If you find them too drying, choose the ones that contain moisturizing ingredients to minimize these effects. Most people can use ordinary soaps and cleansers without any problem. However, if you have particularly dry or sensitive skin, it is advisable to opt for the pH-balanced variety.

Bathroom Basics:

From cleaning your teeth to preventing underarm odour, there are few basics that are essential for a well-stocked bathroom.

  1. Toothbrush:

It is vital to choose the right toothbrush. A nylon brush is best, as bristle tends to split and lose its shape quickly. Choose one with a small head, so you can easily clean your back teeth. A soft or medium brush is best, as harder brushes may damage the tooth enamel and gums. Change your toothbrush approximately every month.

  1. Dental floss:

Use floss at least twice a day, to clean between the teeth where the toothbrush can’t reach. Waxed floss is best, as it’s less likely to catch on fillings or uneven edges. To floss, wind a short length around the second finder of each hand. Slide it gently down between two of the teeth, taking care to press it against the side of the tooth. Then slide it upward out of the teeth, removing any food particles with it. Repeat for all of the teeth.

  1. Deodorant:

Deodorants do not prevent perspiration – they only stop the bacteria from decomposing sweat. If you perspire heavily, it is advisable to use antiperspirant deodorant. The antiperspirant element prevents the production of sweat. Remember, though, not to use it on inflamed or broken skin, or immediately after shaving.

  1. Talcum powder:

This is white powder made from ground magnesium silicate and is usually perfumed. It is considered to be rather old fashioned, which is a shame because a good talcum powder makes you smell fresh and helps you slide into your clothes after bathing or swimming. However, there is no substitute for a thorough drying with a towel, for keeping your skin healthy; especially between the toes (can cause athlete’s foot).