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Modern bridal showers have been accused of not being educative and informative as they are supposed to be. The initial reason for a bridal shower was to prepare the bride to be in all ways pertaining marriage. It was meant to feel like a class with a notebook and pen jotting down points you may refer to later.

If you have recently attended a bridal shower, I am pretty sure it seemed nothing like what has been explained above. Probably more of a party. Games, drinking, music, a good time. Having a good time is not the problem. Make sure that your bridal shower will equip you for what you need and that despite having fun, you will at least learn something worthwhile.

If you are getting married, or someone you know is about to be a bride, then chances are you are gearing up for the bridal shower portion of the celebration. Anyone from the bridesmaids to the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom can host a bridal shower. Which means that there will probably be your fiancé’s family members, friends of your mothers, coworkers, and even your grandmother in attendance. Note to self: silly games about genitals and your sex life are not really fun when you are sitting next to your mother-in-law.

The good news is that bridal showers do not need to be boring, and they also don’t need to be inappropriate. They can be tasteful and entertaining and full of love and joy, and you do not need to suffer through games that are overdone and outdated. Here are 7 bridal activities that are appropriate and perfect for your next bridal shower.

  1. Newlywed Game

A classic game, that is for sure, but this trivia game to see how well the soon-to-be-newlyweds know each other is always a crowd-pleaser. It is also pretty simple: you ask the bride and groom each a set of the same questions, then record their answers either in writing, a voice recording or these days, with a video. You ask the bride what she thinks her fiancé said and then reveal the true answer. It is a way for guests to get to know the couple, and it is fun for the bride too.

  1. Lingerie Gift Game

Instead of having guests give the bride a gift from her registry, ask all guests to buy an article of lingerie. It can be sexy, romantic, traditional or sweet, and it should be wrapped with no card or label of whom it is from. The bride then opens all gifts and has to guess who bought her which piece of lingerie. It is fun and the bride walks away with some pretty gorgeous bedroom attire.

  1. What’s In Your Purse?

Sometimes bridal party guest lists are random and mixed—work friends, family members from far away, old friends and new friends. A great way to have all your loved girlfriends get to know each other is with this fun ice-breaker game where everyone gets points for items they are carrying in their purse at the party. You can print out custom cards like these to use for the game and the winner gets a prize.

  1. He Said, She Said

Similar to the newlywed game, you ask the bride and groom a series of questions. But in this activity you print out a collection of the quotes without noting who said what. Then you ask guests to guess who said which statement, and reveal the correct answers to the entire group. It is always funny and always a little embarrassing for everyone involved.

  1. Fold and Pass Poem

Remember way back in English class growing up when you would write a poem collectively as a class? Everyone would have to contribute a line or two to the finished product. This works the same way, and the bride gets to keep the work of art when it’s done. It’s also easy to set up: simply provide a notepad, and have one guest at a time write one line of poetry about their wishes for the newlyweds. The next guest will pick up where the last line left off and add her own words.

  1. Photo Booth and Scrapbook

Photo booths are everywhere these days—at holiday parties, work events, weddings, and yes even bridal showers. It’s always fun to take silly pictures with loved ones, and it Is even more fun for a bride to get to keep all those photos so she can share them guests later. For instant gratification, use a cool Polaroid camera and then to make it special, add some cute bridal themed props for the photos. When they are done, encourage guests to post their photos in a scrapbook that you keep after the shower is done.


A great bridal shower comes down to two very important things: 1) good company and 2) great gifts. We are not talking about expensive items or extravagant anything. It’s not about the money you spend, but about helping a bride gear up for her big day (and a lifetime of bliss). If great gift giving is the goal, shouldn’t you do it in style, with a little humor and a lot of love? Here are 10 bridal shower gifts to vibe up any bride-to-be.


This is wine that the bride and her husband will pop open on their first wedding anniversary, and their tenth anniversary etc. Go to a wine store that knows what it is doing and buy wines that will get better with time, aka they will mature nicely and will be ready to drink during those landmark celebrations. Top it off by adding cute “Drink Me” labels and you are set. It is a thoughtful gift that they will love now and enjoy for years to come.

Let the Honeymoon Begin

Weddings can be beautiful and special, but they can also be stressful, which is part of why the honeymoon is so important. Help make her honeymoon a trip she will remember. These days you can buy honeymoon experiences, perks, upgrades or even meals through companies which allow you to pre-pay for bits and pieces of someone else’s honeymoon trip. Think hotel rooms, spa appointments or even gourmet dinners

Getting married is about making new memories with loved ones, but it’s also a chance to reflect on your past. And there is no better way to laugh about your earlier days than to gawk at some funny, touching, and borderline embarrassing old photos. Break out the best shots of you and the bride-to-be–and don’t hold back, that awesomely awful prom dress and even less flattering 80s haircut will be just mortifying enough. You can make a photo collage or even better, create a custom photo book. We love these Montage books, which make is super easy to create a beautiful keepsake.


This is a bit cliché, but there is a reason that brides receive lingerie for their wedding night It is still exciting to get beautiful lingerie that you whip out for your first night as man and wife. She may never wear it again and she may not wear it for long, but it is a bridal rite of passage. Just be sure to know your audience before you buy anything too risqué. Remember, granny might be sitting next to the blushing bride. And if she sees any crotchless panties then the only one who will be blushing is you.

Spa Massage

Weddings can be stressful. Planning a wedding can put knots in your back like you have never felt before. Help ease the bride’s anxiety by gifting her a massage. It will be the best 60 minutes of bliss that she didn’t know she needed. And while she won’t get to keep that gift for eternity along with that crystal vase her grandmother bought her, she will appreciate your gift more.

Make the Invitation Last

People spend days, weeks, even months stressing over the right wedding invitation. They focus on minute details like the calligraphy, the wording and the weight of the paper. And yet, people read the invitation, they toss it away and after the wedding is over, no one ever sees that invite again. Ever. Make it last forever by creating a custom item using her wedding invitation design. You can frame it, create a ceramic plate, have it printed on a pillow or made into a beautiful box to hold other wedding keepsakes.



Personalized Attire

Personalized jumpsuits (think hoodies and matching sweatpants with the word “bride” embroidered or bedazzled on the back) are fun, comfy, and will set the tone for a special day.